Teaching Method

We use modern and effective teaching methods and modern books offering a variety of vocabulary and the proper basis even from the first session. Also, additional material is provided, such as notes, texts, grammar, etc., in order for the students to enrich their knowledge and absorb more effectively the vocabulary and grammar taught in our sessions.

In our website, the students can use the provided material to repeat what they have been taught and absorb the introduced vocabulary. They can find interactive exercises, flash cards with vocabulary, songs, short stories, reviewing exercises, evaluation exercises, grammar rules, essay models, etc.
Quizzes and tests, which are taken on-line, enable the students to monitor their progress and identify their weaknesses.

In addition, parents have the possibility, if they wish, to control and monitor their child's progress, and help them with reviewing the syllabus and spend pleasant and creative time with them.

During the periods of holidays (Christmas, Easter) and observations observed in English speaking countries (e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving, St Patrick's Day, etc.), a part of the session is devoted to these observations, the related vocabulary is introduced using flash cards and exercises are given to practice and absorb the vocabulary, in order to help students to understand the English language and the culture of English-speaking nations. Part of this material can be found in the pages of our website.


Pre-school age

Pre-school students are taught English through experience (experiential method). Through games, crafts, songs and reading stories, children learn to use English for the needs of their daily life (Everyday English). During the sessions we speak only English, in a simple and understandable way, with clear speech, correct pronunciation and we use simple vocabulary, so that the students understand what is being said and can participate in the activities. In each lesson, the activities are adapted accordingly to introduce new vocabulary (e.g. farm animals, body parts), while review of previous vocabulary enables the students to use again and again what they already have been taught.

The students, in collaboration with their parents, can use interactive exercises, songs, videos, flash cards with the relevant vocabulary, etc. found in our website. Through enjoyable activities, the students come back into contact with words and images and absorb what they been taught realizing that they can use the vocabulary in various cases.

School age

Teaching English to school-aged students involves use of the most modern and tested and trusted books. The chosen books are pleasant to young students, with beautiful images and intense colors offering at the same time all the necessary knowledge and rich vocabulary. During the course, additional educational material (exercises, vocabulary, and grammar) is provided, adapted to the needs and requirements of each student. Also, interactive exercises - games are used to help students to absorb what they have been taught in an enjoyable way.

The first sessions for beginners involve use of both Greek and English language, so that the student can understand grammatical rules and syntax. Gradually, and in advanced levels, exclusive use of English is performed. In this way the students can learn to think in English, rather than simply translating from Greek to English. Thus, optimum use of syntax and grammar is achieved.




Teaching adults involves use of modern books according to the needs of each student. Notes and extra material is provided to help to simplify the grammar deepening the structure of the language and exercises that help in memorization and assimilation of the new vocabulary. Also, interactive exercises and examples from everyday life of English-speaking peoples are used, in order for the students to understand the culture of these peoples. The sessions for beginners are performed gradually in English, while in advanced levels, exclusive use of English is performed from the first lesson.

Finally, there is the possibility to deliver on-line courses via Skype to students, especially adults, who because of lack of time or due to irregular work program they are unable to attend one-to-one sessions. In this case, use of additional modern e-learning tools ensures the same high quality as one-to-one lessons.